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Draw Something

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There’s An App For That
There is not one single person that does not have a cell phone, and while not everyone has a smart phone most people do. Those that own smart phones are never without them, so when boredom strikes most people resort to his or her phone for entertainment. The most entertaining game around right now is called Draw Something.
Draw Something is a similar to Pictionary except for the fact that it is electronic and done through airwaves. It allows Gina and her Uncle Tom, who lives in Texas, to play a game together while being thousands of miles away. It also allows the player to have multiple games going on at one time. Another unique aspect is that the player is given three options to draw, each with a different coin value. The harder the item is to draw the more coins it is worth. While coins may seem pointless to a person who has not played Draw Something, the coins come in handy when trying to gain more bombs or color palates.
Draw Something allows players to purchase more color palates to make the images easier for the guesser to figure out. If the person needs more help figuring out the image there are bombs that can be purchased that eliminate some of the extra letters. This is one of the most user-friendliest games around. The game even connects with Facebook to show all of the players friends that are playing the game.
Like all things Draw Something is not perfect. The game will sometimes lock up and go on to the next level without the player properly guessing the drawing. It also does not always update to show that someone has drawn something new. Additionally, every once in a blue moon the game will crash and delete all of the color palates and bombs a person has accumulated. But after a few minutes and a reboot of the game, however everything comes back. Another issue that Draw Something has is that the game does not go past ninety-nine levels. When two players reach level one hundred and up the level always stays at ninety-nine,...


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