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Parental Interference

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Parental interference…the epitome of tolerance or the anticipated dream?

The changing mindset of the modern child has led to a widening of the generation gap. This deepening chasm has particularly affected the relationship between the parents and their children. Unable to quite bring themselves to terms with the child craving for independence, they try to impose their own opinion on their ward, remaining inconsiderate towards the latter’s. This is what gives rise to the conflict that starts so trivially but slowly carves itself into a mental war seriously injuring the emotions and sentiments of both the sides in its wake. A child’s fate is sealed almost moments from its birth with the parents already starting to visualize a bright future for him. Now when the child matures, a process more aptly termed as “growing-up”, starts realizing the power he can wield over himself and becomes aware of being his own master, comes the time when the battlefield is prepared in the period of adolescence, though each one remains   partially correct   in stance.

While the child argues about the freedom he should be given according to his humanitarian rights, the parents remain equally justified when they demand certain respect to be given to their views and dreams they had nurtured for their child. Starting its journey from the womb of a mother, the child owes this life itself to his parents who made him what he was, nurturing him through the thick and thin in the times when he was too small to even distinguish between the two. Keeping this in mind, is it too much for the parents to just expect their child to honor their words and see them on their way to fulfillment of their dreams, which is a successful future for their child. At the same time, the solution of the aforesaid problem lies not just in the compromise one side ‘could’ make but in the mutual adjustment they ‘have’ to make, resulting from co operation and how well they can adapt themselves to the changing times. The...


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