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Social Networking 15

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Social Networking
Social Networking sites have become a part and parcel of our lives. They have gained predominance over every other means of communication among the young, especially among the teenagers. They give us the ability to communicate with greater efficiency than ever and greatly expands our horizons in terms of communication. They enable us to connect faster. They also have a friendly user interface and a plethora of interesting applications to choose from. Some might argue that it is better to make friends physically instead of befriending a person virtually on the internet; one must accept that one cannot physically visit each and every one of his friends or family in one day. Hence, social networking site helps one to connect with all his peers and family at just one place. For example, by just posting a message on for Facebook, everyone can view it. That will take you hardly one minute. See how convenient it is? Some of the most well-known websites today are Facebook, MySpace, Flicker and Blogger.

One of the world’s most popular website, boasting a reputation of having an astounding 400 million registered users and pursuing more than 60 million status updates each day is Facebook. Its founder is Mark Zuckerberg. What started off as a small-scale venture has become a habit for people all over the world. It has made a tangible difference in our lives. It has rescued people from loneliness and boredom. With only one click you can connect to the world, to your friend and to your family. No matter how far you are in the physical world, in Facebook you are on the page with your family and acquaintances, you are never alone. You can find other people who share the same interest as you and it helps to get oneself known.

Another popular website which falls second is MySpace. It is mostly popular among the 14 and 24 year olds. One can express his feelings. It has an influence on the development of teenagers. Teenagers can be creative and keep in touch...


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