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Origin of Magazine

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Magazine: A place where you can find   articles and illustrations of all genres. It just arouses your interest. Well have you ever wondered where Magazine came from? Well, it all started off   in 18 century, when a bloke named Edward Cave, who had an idea which changed the way people seek for interesting information for good.   His idea was to create a platform whereby one could discuss every topic the educated public could show an interest in. The only shortcoming of his idea   was that there was no method at that time which could deliver this content to the public. Newspapers in those day's were delivered on a daily basis. However, there was no such topic that could interest Mr. Cave and he believed that the public, too, would be interested in. So, after taking into consideration everything,   he launched something which is known as a 'magazine'. The origin of the word 'Magazine' came from the Arabic 'Makhazin' which meant storehouse. Caves thought that this 'storehouse' would be filled with information on whatever conceivable topic he felt the need to discuss.

The Gentleman's Magazine
In January 1731, Edward Cave released his first and the world's first magazine, ' The Gentleman Magazine". Well, the local people were immediately attracted to this idea and as a result a dynamic distribution system was created which disseminated the magazine all over the English-speaking world.
The Magazine was distributed on a monthly basis and it soon became popular and acquired substantial readership. Many people tried to mi mick his idea but to no avail. The problem with them   was that they were just mimicking his idea instead of coming up with something of their own. The magazines which gained success were the one's with new and interesting ideas

There is no great difference between in January 1731 and today. Many people regardless of their background try to create new magazine with novel content. Today we find magazines on practically every conceivable topic- from...


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