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Super Power

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Filix was no ordinary boy. He possessed an extraordinary ability of mind power. It seemed to be an apocryphal notion but it was true. Filix had no intentions to attract unnecessary attention from others. He knew that if the power was not dealt with wisely it could turn detrimental. When he first discovered his power he was only twelve-years old. His parents had died in a gruesome car accident when he was nine-years old. It seemed to be a very cruel fate for an innocent, harmless boy. Ever since then, he lived alone with his grandfather. Sadness used to linger in his eyes whenever he recalled the unfortunate accident

His grandfather had known about his power all along. “Why am I the only one with this power? Why me?” He always used to ask this question incessantly to his grandpa. However, the replies were always the same, “You will know, my precious child, when the time come.” Unfortunately, age had taken its toll on his grandfather’s deteriorating health and he too went to join his parents. He had left for him a letter which gave him answer to his question. He discovered that his ancestors had a special gene, “Lesvengour gene” which only he possessed. It was a anomaly. After losing the only important person in his life, he was adopted.

His first year with his foster parents had been tough. His foster parents, despite knowing the poor boy’s difficult circumstances treated him badly and hurled abuses at him in anger whenever he did not obey them. Often at nights, he would sob sorrowfully when everyone was asleep. No word could express the sense of hopelessness and agony that Filix felt inside. Over the period of time, with growing maturity, he had built a wall of resistance against his weaknesses and had let gone of the death of his grandfather.

Now, here he was, a fully grown eighteen year old who was pursuing a degree in business management. His mind controlling power over the years had grown drastically over the years until one day it revealed its real...


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