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My Mind's Eye

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My Mind’s Eye
How you live your life is based on how you perceive yourself, and how you understand the whole concept of what your “life” is. Sometimes I question, if I really understand the true concept of my life. Do we really see things for what they truly are? Or are we living in a superficial world where everything is based off of appearances and expectations? We judge things based on what we see. We don’t really judge things based on the underlying messages but rather their outward appearances. To me, my life is composed of different factors that helped develop me into the person I am today. Factors like intrapersonal factors helps teach the individual to understand and accept oneself. Another factor would be interpersonal factors which teach us to accept others and understand them as individuals, as well as ethical factors which help reflect upon my own morals and how I view the concepts of my everyday life. The quote that fits my philosophical views of life is: “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” This quote is by Henri Bergson, a French philosopher. One can only understand the world if they truly understand themselves first before understanding anything else.
I find that in order to truly see and understand the world before me, I must first know about myself. I often ask if I really understand who I truly am. The intrapersonal factors are important when trying to understand myself as well as my surroundings. These factors help me see my own perspective rather than someone else’s perspective. I am a creative yet somewhat laid-back and carefree person, I choose to take things at my own pace rather than rush straight towards them. I am an introverted person who would rather stay in the back and observe the world around them. I sometimes find other human beings fickle and hard to decipher but different and interesting. The quote implies to the individual that you must first understand yourself, before you begin to analyze someone or...


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