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This source explicitly demonstrates the appreciation for the rights and freedoms granted to citizens in a liberal democracy. A supporter of democracy would agree with this perspective that individual “rights and freedoms are essential” to maintaining a successful democracy. These rights include freedom of speech, freedom of discrimination, freedom of dissent, and so forth. Protecting these rights and freedoms is one of the government’s most important duties as a democracy, and their liberal practices are evaluated based on their effectiveness to preserve them. However, the provided source clearly states that it is sometimes necessary to temporarily suspend the rights and freedoms granted to citizens. This may include times of war, or when it is absolutely necessary to act quickly upon the good of the people. Another thing democratic leaders must keep in mind is that their actions must derive from informed, responsible decisions. If democracies can uphold the principles of liberalism under these conditions, it will effectively guarantee the continuation and preservation of a successful democracy.
Government leaders may need to deny the democratic rights of its citizens to make decisions for the collective good of society in times of crisis. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau introduced the War Measures Act as a response to the terrorist actions of the Francophone group named FLQ. Members of the FLQ abducted two Canadian government officials and one was found shot in the trunk of a vehicle. They were also responsible for setting off bombs in mailboxes. The War Measures Act granted advanced power to governments.   It made it possible for Trudeau to combat FLQ actions by obtaining the ability under the War Measures Act to search homes without consent, and locate which people were committing these crimes. This is an example of how governments may restrict rights and freedoms in times when it is necessary for the collective good of Canadians.
That being said, the Canadian...


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