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Should Companies Advertise Anything They Want?

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Kressa Baier

Should Companies Advertise Anything They Want?

Driving down the road, flipping through magazines, shopping, watching television, listening to the radio and even on the items we buy at fast food restaurants are all places we find advertising.Is it okay for companies to advertise whatever they please, regardless of how it may affect people? Some companies use advertising as a mean to motivate people, such as Subway whose slogan is “Eat healthy” or even Nike, “Just do it,” however what about when corrupt industries reach the lives of children?
  Harmful outcomes of advertising are everywhere. Teenagers are highly impacted by all the negative marketing tactics such as models dealing with fashion quos and the “ideal” weight or body style. So what society has to ask is if we find it acceptable to advertise anything no matter what happens to their customer, the general public. Is it accetptable that young women might develop an eating disorder after reading a magazine containing unreal pictures portraying of the “perfect woman?” Should it be allowed for fast food restaurants to promote their products at every turn even though their fattening, unhealthy foods are a major contributor in obesity in the world? When everyone starts their cars and the unavoidable chatter of commercials blasts through the speakers, is it okay for the djs of each station to

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speak on behalf of companies that pay them to talk up their business? The fact that these things are an everyday occurrence proves that our society accepts these forms of advertising, however what about when the harmful effects are introduced into a much more gullible society? Nestle is a well know brand among Americans and they have expanded to other countries, one of which is Latin America. As a third world country, most Latin Americans cannot afford the extras in life, for example baby formula. Nestle created a billboard in South America that has had extremely destructive...


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