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Communication Worksheet

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Associate Program Material

Appendix A

Communication Styles Worksheet

You spent the past few days exploring the resources available to students at University of Phoenix, and you want to share what you learned with a friend who is interested in enrolling.

  * Write a 150- to 200-word e-mail to your friend summarizing the resources available to students.
  * Tony, I know you are considering enrollment at University of Phoenix. I would like to briefly share with you my personal experiences. The curriculum and syllabus are well documented and very easy to follow. The facilitators are very knowledgeable and make you feel right at home. The courses are quite flexible as far as time commitments. In the Associates program you have 2 courses to complete per semester. The resources available are vast, but very easy to find and are very intuitive. I had no problem navigating my way around the website. There are many styles of presentations each week to enable you to complete your assignments. The library is one of the best I have ever seen. You will be able to search on your subject, and then filter just the data you need. Another rewarding benefit I found is that your advisor will help guide you through any areas of concern and will be in contact with you at least once a week to see how you are progressing. I think by choosing University of Phoenix, you will have made the right choice for you future.  
  * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You asked your facilitator to review your e-mail draft. She liked what you wrote and asked you to write a summary to post in the class forum for the other students to read.

Write a 150- to 200-word summary for your class of the resources available to students. Remember to write using an academic tone.  

Dear Fellow Classmates, I received my e-mail draft back from the facilitator. She gave...


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