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Home Schooling 1

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Home Schooling
Jammie Overholt
Instructor Pamella Robinson
SYG 2000-12
17 September 2011



Home schooling might be good for some parents but it is not a good idea for me and my children. There are some good benefits to home schooling I am sure but there are also good benefits to public or private schools. Everyone has own opinion about whether or not they prefer their to be home schooled or in public school.

Actually home schooling has already turned out to be a popular alternative for education. More and more parents are home schooling their children today than they were 10 years ago. Yes I agree that there are benefits to home schooling your children but there are also disadvantages too. In my opinion the disadvantages are that your children lack social skills with other children their own age. They become isolated at home and they don’t experience real world problems and then finding the solution. I will say it again this only my opinion. The benefits of home schooling would be the children wouldn’t have to worry about bullying, violence, (if you happen to live somewhere where there is a lot of violence in the school system) gangs, being pick on, if their wearing the appropriate clothing. This has already become a viable option to U.S. public schools. I do not know if it has become a viable option to parochial schools, since parochial schools are religious based schools. Religious parents like parochial schools because they are religious based programs. I believe parochial schools have less picking on or students being harassed. I don’t know this for a fact but religious schools have religious structure so there is not as much violence in very religious children.
    No I would not home school my children. I want my children to interact with other children their age. We don’t have any kids in our neighborhood that...


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