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Morals - Ethics Research Paper

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Ethics Research Paper
Morals is a person's standards or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for
them to do. For example when you are brought up your parents teach you core values which
are instilled in you for life. You learn good from bad and right from wrong. Your morals should
always stay the same. In a sense they are the rules to life. Ethics is a code of morals for a
certain profession or person. So basically they are rules or standards that need to be followed
according to the job that needs to be done.
The difference between morals and ethics is morals are a certain type of beliefs that
define your personal self. From person to person morals will change depending on many factors.
A few examples would be religion, race, or upbringing. Ethics are a set of standards that you
must follow according to the person, place or job. Even though your morals may not agree with
your ethics it is still something you would have to practice to ensure proper ethics. An example  
of ethics versus morals would be if you were a doctor and your job was to give abortions,
although you didn’t believe in abortions because it’s against your morals. Your jobs ethics would
entitle you to have to do the right thing according to your job’s ethics.  
Safety ethics are the same as ethics if you ask me. Safety ethics would be more geared
towards the safety of yourself and others or whatever you might be working on or for. Like I said
earlier ethics are a certain type of rules or a code that must be followed. An example of safety
ethics in the job of aircraft is always ensuring you do your very best because you’re dealing with
people’s lives. Another example might me be to protect the technician by always making sure

you wear your safety goggles. Although you may not want to you must because these are your
safety ethics.
Ethics are very important to have for many reasons. The first being that if we did not
have ethics everything...


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