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Consider the effects of globalization on modern culture in "developed" countries and on indigenous cultures. Use the internet to get information on this topic, and list the ways in which globalization has affected various cultures. Conclude by writing paragraphs assessing whether globalization is positive, negative, or a combination of positive and negative. Read National Geographic's Globalization feature, and take notes on globalization's impact around the world; view pictures of vanishing cultures, and consider the effects of globalization on these cultures; make charts listing the impacts of globalization on American, European, Japanese, and indigenous cultures; and write paragraphs explaining whether globalization is positive or negative. 1. Do you know what globalization is? Have you noticed any effects of this phenomenon? Have you heard anyone talking about globalization? 2. Visit National Geographic's Globalization site and read the text. Take notes on the effects of globalization that the author cites in this article. Which country's culture seems to be impacting the world the most? What does the author say about U.S. culture? How does she feel about globalization in general? 3. Browse the Vanishing Cultures Photo Gallery and think about the effects of globalization on the cultures discussed. 4. Divide into small groups, and make a four-column chart with "American culture" in the left heading, "European culture" and "Japanese culture" in the middle columns, and "Indigenous cultures" on the right. Define indigenous cultures as cultures like the ones you saw on the "Vanishing Cultures" site. 5. List all the impacts you think globalization might have on these cultural groups. [Note: These groups are gross generalizations and there are really many cultural groups within each one.] List both positive and negative impacts and write a plus or minus sign next to each one. You may need to conduct some basic research on these cultures before making...


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