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Fear Is Acceptable

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Animal Farm Synthesis Essay
What do people think of when the word fear is heard? (Took out sentence) Fear is an effective tool to change attitudes, which are moderated by motivation and ability to process the fear message. Another reason why fear is acceptable is that many times “fear” is simply a fact and not something to be scared about. Facts can be fearful even though they are not meant to be. Also, fear appeals are nonmonotonic, meaning that the level of persuasion does not increase in proportion to the amount of fear that is used.
Fear is perhaps the best way to change a person’s attitude. Global warming is a prime example of an attitude changer because “climate change is damaging the planet at an alarming pace” (“Be Worried”). By just hearing this, parents want to know how they can stop this and make a better place for the future. This motivated those who were concerned to start carpooling to their destinations. A personal motivational experience of mines was when my dad would carpool with people in his truck, to places my dad and the people would go. This helped because in a way my dad is helping decrease the burning of fossil fuels. Today, most of my family carpools to make it a better future for the next generation. Also, a coach can “bully their players into doing something they’re reluctant to do. In this case, using fear as a motivator is acceptable since the coach is only pushing his team to do something for their own good”(“Is Fear”). A prime example of this is that, my coach for basketball would make me do several shooting drills. If I missed a shot, I would have to do countless amount of exercises. Being fearful as I was, I tried not miss a single shot. Motivation through fear can tend to be a “take it or leave it” approach sometimes. It’s the easiest form of motivation; nevertheless, it is based on intimidation. This is true, but however, the “take it or leave it” often gets results. Having making some progress is better than making none at...


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