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My Pet Peeves

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When people think of pets, cute, fluffy images come into mind. However,

adding “peeves” after the pet completely changes the meaning. I don’t think of

little creatures anymore. Instead, a short big-mouthed little girl comes to mind: my

little cousin. She always does things that really annoy me.

My little cousin is definitely one of my worst memories in my life.

Everyday she follows me around as if we were super glued together. She trails

behind me to malls, parks restaurants and even the restroom! No matter where I go

I simply cannot get rid of her.

To add on, my little cousin is obsessed with my iphone. Whenever I take out

my phone, she shrieks in my ears, “give me! I want to play.” Even when I `m busy

on the phone, she will still be yelling those annoying troublesome lines either. My

little cousin even managed to crack my passcode! Even I don’t have the skills to

do that!

Furthermore, my little cousin has the most irksome voice on Earth. If she

competed in “Next Top High Pitched Voice In The World”, my cousin will definitely

win first place. No one has a more annoying voice than her. Not only is her voice

annoying when she talks, she even loves singing right in front of my face, and

sings the weirdest songs ever.

All in all, no one can beat my little cousin in the “my Pet peeve” award.

With her annoying features of following me everywhere, stealing my iphone, and

singing in a shrieky voice, my little cousin can give me the greatest headache of

my entire life.


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