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Crystal Nichols
English 100 rough draft
Judgement on appearance has become very normal in the world. Even though both men and women are judged by appearance it has weighed more on the female group, causing many of us to become self conscious of ourselves leading us to do what we feel is wanted of us. Women have allowed the media and social groups pressure them into becoming the person that they believe is fit and have ignored the aspects that are unseen creating someone the world around us wants and not what we actually want. Making us uncomfortable in our own body's.
Most women will spend   a lot of time in front of a mirror putting on their makeup to cover a pimple or a blemish, to accent their eyes or to even completely alter their looks. Even though they have just spent a nice portion of the morning plastering chemicals on their face and in their hair they will stand their and criticized themselves to boost confidence, acting as if they have a split personality of one person criticizing and the other complimenting them. Seems how so much time is wrapped up in doing their hair and makeup breakfast and another meal are skipped in fear of gaining a pound or two. Figure means appearance and if they are not representing a nice figure their appearance is ignored, even if it means to starve, purge or even take supplements to stay that way they do. Grance Franke-Ruta said "American women today are victims of a more insidious idea,an idea that underlies the American obsession with self-esteem: the tyrannical ideal of "natural beauty" "our society is to complex   indeed,all societies involve such a thick layering of culture over our mallable essence that it is virtually impossible to say what we might be like in a natural state" Ruta stated in her essay on natural beauty.
        The media has played large rolls into the self consciousness of women by all the   super models and celebrities   used for make up and clothing advertisements, with all the weight loss...


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