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Over Protective Parents - Essay

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I believe that parents are essential for the growing minds of teenagers. I should be able to tell my parents everything instead of lying all the time to go somewhere or avoid a certain subject. They should not keep breathing over my neck to know everything there is to know about me by snooping through my room. My parents should let me experience the real world and not have me kept locked up in the house all the time. They will not always be there to protect me from the harsh reality of life.   Overprotective parents aggravate me because they invade my privacy, they treat me as a child, they are inconsiderate of my feelings, and they do not communicate with me.   Privacy to me is not snooping through any of my things and letting me have my personal space. When I am on my laptop, she peers over my shoulder and questions what picture I am looking at or what I am writing. I tell her it is none of her business and she goes on about how I am living under her roof so it is her business.   She gives me no time for myself, when I want to be alone she bothers me. No matter what extreme lengths you may go to protect your children, it is impossible to create a completely safe environment. While you should take reasonable measures to keep your children safe and healthy, being overprotective prevents children from experiencing life, both the positive and the challenges. All children need an opportunity to explore the world physically and emotionally without constant interference from their parents in order to become confident, responsible and independent adults.


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