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The Role of Dreams

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Dreams play an important role in our life. They make it more interesting, colorful, exciting and influence it greatly. For some people dreams is a kind of escape from daily routine and their problems. Also dreams inspire us, make us achieve our goals and change our life. But unfortunately dreams are not always come true and sometimes the achievement of our dreams may lead to unexpected consequences. So let us look and see how dreams influence the life of the characters of different novels.
In the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. S. Fitzgerald the protagonist of the story Jay Gatsby had a dream that influenced all his life. From his childhood he tended to become rich, to rise from the bottom and to become a respected man. That is why he developed himself , worked without cease and tried to do his best to fulfill his dream. And I think his dream, his great desire to achieve his goal helped Gatsby not to give up, to stand all the difficulties on his way and to make the dream come true. So his dream made him strong, persistent and determined.
But there are not only positive sides of Gatsby`s dream. His desire to get to the top of the world was also connected with the dream of having his only love, Daisy Buchanan, beside him. And I suppose that this very wish turned his dream into a tragedy. He was addicted to this dream. He so strongly desired to be with Daisy, that he used all the possible to get what he wanted even if it was immoral and obscene. He was wrong, thinking that everything, including love, could be bought with money. In fact, this dream blinded him and he became unable to see the world as it was.
Another good example of how dreams influence the life of people is the dreams of the characters in the novel “Of Mice and Men” by J. Steinbeck. Every character of this book had a dream. First of all, every worker dreamed of having his own piece of land, his own rancho, where he could work for himself and to be happy. This dream connected all the workers together...


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