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Environment 1

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The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. Humans are a part of the natural environment.
Functions of environment:
Environment is the life supporting medium for all organisms. It provides food, air, water, and other important natural resources to the human beings. It disintegrates all the waste materials discharged by the modern society. It moderates the climatic conditions of the soil. A healthy economy depends on a healthy environment.
Environmental problems:
The major environmental problems are deforestation activities, Population growth and urbanization, Pollution due to discharge of effluent and smoke discharge from the industries, Water scarcity, Land degradation and degradation of soil fertility.
Solutions to environmental problems:
The environment can be protected due to the following activities: Reduce the waste of matter and energy resources. Recycle and reuse as many of our waste products and resources as possible. Over-exploitation of natural resources must be reduced. Soil degradation must be minimized. Biodiversity of the earth must be protected. Reduce population and increase the economic growth of our country.

Some environmental problems, its causes, solution:
  * Global warming:
Global Warming refers to the gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature as a result of the growing concentration of human induced green house gases   in our atmosphere.
It is caused due to the gases such as carbondioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluoro carbons, carbon tetra chloride.
CO2 emission can be cut by reducing the use of fossil fuels. Plant more trees. Shift from coal to natural gas. Adopt sustainable agriculture. Stabilize population growth. Effectively remove CO2 from smoke stacks. Implement energy conservation methods.
  * Acid rain:
Normal rain water is always slightly acidic because of the fact that CO2 present in the atmosphere gets dissolved in it. Because of...


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