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Chapter 20 notes

  1) Manchu- federation of Northeast Asian peoples who founded the Qing Empire
  2) Japan
      a) Daimyos- Japanese warlords and great landowners, whose armed samurai gve them control of the Japanese islands from the eighth to the later nineteenth century. Under the tokugawa shogunate, they were subordinated to the imperial government.
      b) Samurai- those who serve; hereditary military elite of the Tokugawa shogunate
      c) Japanese emperor lived in Kyoto the capital
        i) Daimyos pledged a loose allegiance to them which would end up hurting them in the end
        ii) Civil war among daimyos
        iii) Hideyoshi came out on top
        iv) Invaded Asian homeland with 160,000 men.
            (1) Tried to invade korea first
              (a) Korea used movable type
              (b) Influenced by china more than japan
            (2) Invasion against korea devastated the koreans
              (c) Yangban – nobility laid claim to most of the taxpaying lands destroying royal revenue
      d) Tokugawa Ieyasu – asserted dominance over the daimyos
        v) Establisthed the tokugawa shogunate
      e) Tokugawa shogunate- last of the three shogunates of japan
        vi) New capital at edo (administrative)
        vii) Kyoto (imperial)
        viii) Maintained roads and increased infrastructure
        ix) Shogun paid lords in rice; lords paid followers in rice
        x) Followers converted rice into cash
        xi) By late 17th century edo was one of the cities in the world with more than one million inhabitants
        xii) Samurais became more educated and started buying products like silks, sake (rice wine), fans, porcelain, lacquer ware, and money lending and books
        xiii) Japanese art skills also increased with steel making, pottery , and lacquer ware and porcelain
            (3) Manufacturers got a lot of money
            (4) Mitsui came from this period


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