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«Вікторина на день святого Валентина»

Today we have very special holiday. I want to say few words about it.
Saint Valentine’s day - Valentine's holiday - celebrated on February 14 in Europe from the XIII century in the U.S. - since 1777, we have this holiday - since the early 1990's.
Why this day and why the holiday of all beloved? Concerning this there are many beautiful legends. The most famous legend was in the times of the Roman Empire, about Bishop Valentine who was punished for wedding Roman legions with their loved ones contrary to the imperial order.
British, for example, believe that from February 14 nature does turn to spring, and a birds' mating season begins. There is even an old English proverb that says: "On Valentine's Day all birds in the air have pairs."
Anyway, love is as long as there are people on the Earth and it plays a huge role   in our lives. The proof of it are fairy tales, which are known to be encrypted all the people acquired wisdom. What fairy tales do you know ?
(pupil’s answers)
Today I propose you to take part in the Quiz. It is very simple, I’m sure you will cope with it without any   difficulties. But before start let’s divide in two groups. Each group will be represented dy a leader. I will ask the questions in turn, if one leader won’t know the correct answer the question goes to another leader. Each of the leaders has 1 tip, he can ask about help him anybody of his team. If all is clear let’s get started.
(There are illustrations of the fairy tales on the blackboard.)

1 She was beautiful , very small from fare fare   away. He together   with his love gave her wings
2 Firstly, he was just a wooden toy in the hands of people and finally became a prince. She was only a girl , that just saved him, and he proposed her to rule together in a Marzipan Palace.
3 She , unfortunately , loved fruit and was not much choosy   in acquaintances. He saved their love just...


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