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Un and Ngos Make to Solve the Problems of Population and Wealth Facing Humankind in the 20th Century

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After the Second World War, the world’s population growth became faster. The problem is serious especially in the third world countries. These countries need to face overcrowding, food and resource shortage. And the distribution of wealth is uneven. So the United Nation and other international organizations make to solve the problems.

Due to the population growth, the living standard of the poor countries becomes worse. UN form IMF and World Bank. The IMF lends money to countries with balance of payment difficulties and the World Bank lends money to poor countries to help them develop their economies. The World Bank had given a large amount of money where invested in various area, such as clean water supply, education and medical services. For example, World Bank completed 158 health centers and upgraded 57 district hospitals in Tunisia. The IMF provided financial support to these countries and helps them manage their finances and carry out reforms. It helps to raise the living standard of the third world countries and to reduce some of the disproportionate allocation of wealth.

Under the encouragement of the UN commission on Population and Development, many countries implemented family planning. India and Pakistan both set up family planning clinics to advise people about various methods of birth control and to provide them with cheap contraceptives. Huge campaigns were launched, recommending a maximum of three children per family. Also, many African governments carried out similar campaigns. In 1994, UN held the International Conference on population and development. The conference adopted a Programme of Action, which set the goals for global population control in the coming 20 years and urged countries to cooperate in about 180 countries. It helps to slow down the population growth in the world.

UN formed the FAO in1945. It aims to raise living standards by encouraging improvements in agricultural production. It experts show people in poor countries how...


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