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Brown Is the New Green

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Brown is the New Green

In the film, "Brown is the new Green" Latinos are the main and only focus. The gist of the film, that was shown on PBS, is to show what the "American Dream" is and what it looks like. George Lopez, a prime example, is one of the biggest contributor to give an insight of this phrase. In the film, he's stress that his childhood wasn't exactly the greatest. He came from a family that provide no kind of motivation or even affection. In fact he was often told he wasn't going to amount to anything. For any child that could create an emotional toll, but he overcame all the negativity he heard and because the famous advocate and actor that he is today. A true role model , not only for Latinos but other ethnic groups as well.
Nearly half a century ago people would probably freak out on how diverse and integrated we are today. You may not realize it now, but everyday you interact with all kinds of ethnicity. Times have definitely change and unfortunately older generations weren't fortunate to appreciate the importance of interactions with diversity. For example, in the video Lopez mention advertising agencies and their strategies on marketing for Latinos. He mention specifically a   Maytag commercial, Lopez stated, " Don't just make a   Maytag commercial for Latinos, have using a Maytag washer or something." The main idea he's trying to stress is that the best way to attract not just Latinos, but any ethnicity, the idea of being normal must be presented.
Especially when it comes to the production of television, the way you portray can bring upon both negative and positive outlooks. Some may agree with your vision, some may not care at all and some may find it appalling and offensive. For the longest time television productions portrayed the average Latino as dumb and lazy, today the outlook has luckily changed.   As Lopez stated many times, there weren't too many Latino role models for him as a child. His main focus as an actor, comedian and...


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