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The Gueran Dam

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we had to be quiet now, we didn't know who could be waiting. And where. I used hand signals to Mick, tom and jack to tell them where to go, Mick was covering the right, tom was covering the left, jack was covering behind me and I would look front on. All of a sudden, a gun fired, from behind me I heard a roar of pain, I swivelled round with tremendous speed, and saw a quick glimpse of someone hide behind the wall, i looked down and saw jack on the floor
“jack get up” I ordered
“I cant my leg” he said quietly,
I cursed silently.
I picked him up on my soldiers and jogged to a wall and placed him down behind it,
“don't move” I told him
“ didn't plan to” he said with a grin. Mick and tom were shooting at the person. Suddenly came a low voice from where the person was.
“It over, ive already planted the bomb, you will not stop it” he laughed,
“want to bet hotshot, or are you to scared” said Mick sarcastically,
“you better shut up” he growled, “i want you all to say something, so i know your there, i know there are 4 of you so there's no point lying”
everyone apart from me said something apart from me, “ only 3 of you have said something” he said in an angry tone. “wheres the other one” he ordered
and from behind him I said “ right here dimwit, now drop your gun”,
he did what he was told,
“who do you work for?” i commanded,
from that command, he just laughed
“you will never, find out” he laughed,
and with that comment i shot him in the head. then suddenly there was a shout, “Phil ive found the bomb”. I sprinted over and there, looking as lonely as the night sky, was the bomb. It said 58 seconds left on the clock,
“do any of you know how to defuse a bomb” i asked nervously. No one put their hands up,
“does anyone have a clue” I asked quickly, i was sweating like a guerrilla, 35,34,33,
“i kind of have a bit of knowledge” replied Mick,
“well hurry up then” i was practically shouting.
“red and blue don't mix, yellow and red I don't think so,...


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