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Modern Day Internet Browser Wars

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Internet Browser Wars
1.   Introduction 1
2.   Internet Explorer 1
2.1   Introduction 1
2.2   Advantages 1
2.3   Disadvantages 1
3.   Google Chrome 2
3.1   Introduction 2
3.2   Advantages 2
3.3   Disadvantages 2
4.   Mozilla Firefox 2
4.1   Introduction 2
4.2   Advantages 2
4.3   Disadvantages 2
5.   Conclusion 2

1. Introduction
In 1991 the World Wide Web was created by developer Tim-Berners Lee as a way for people around the world to communicate and share information in a way that the internet could not. The internet although successful with universities and colleges did not appeal to the general public as the internet was only being capable of displaying text which was usually all in one font and one size. With the internet failing to appeal to the masses and the internet failing ‘the World Wide Web saved the net. Not only did it change its appearance, it made it possible for pictures and sound to be displayed and exchanged’ (Peter 2004, online).
In 1993 Mosaic later renamed Netscape was released which was the first user friendly browser to appeal to the general public and it dominated the market until the mid to late 90’s until Microsoft created its own browser Internet Explorer. This began the first browser war which Netscape ultimately lost due to Microsoft bundling Internet Explorer with its operating systems Windows 95 and Windows 98 which dominated over 80% of the operating system market at the time so for the first time in 1998 ‘Microsoft Internet Explorer was shown to have captured 48.3 percent of the market, leaving Netscape Navigator with 41.5 percent’ (Calore 2009, online). Today the fact is the majority of the people in the world no longer only have one browser installed on their computers. As a result, companies are competing with each other to create the best, the most efficient, and the most user-friendly web browsers. This competition for dominant usage share led to the browser wars of the late 1990's and the new...


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