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In the begining of our presentation I will define and compare voluntary separation to involuntary separation.   Voluntary separation occurs when an employee decides, for personal or professional reason, to end the relationship with the employer such as quit or retire. There are some reasons that lead to voluntary separation. Employees may want to get a better job, better work condition, develope their career with higher salary. Other reason is that due to poor work condition, low salary and benifit, bad relationship with co-worker and supervisor. General, employees decide to stop relationship in a organization   based on their personal decision, that means voluntary seperations are initiated by the employees.   In contrast, involuntary separations are initiated by the employer including discharge and layoff. It occurs when manager decides to terminate its relationship with employees due to economic necessity or a poor fit between the employee and the organization. In other cases, layoff   is a must in a company. Layoff can help to increase innovation, replace poor performers   and create opportunities for greater diversity.
Comparation with Sarah’s situation in our topic, it is voluntary seperation. Because   she quits her job based on her pesonal decision. As mention in the topic when Frech bank   downsizes, they give her 2 choises.   Because of some reasons, she chose to stay in company with new position. However, after 6 months, she found that she did not fit with new position then she decided to quit.
Nevertheless, there are some situations that voluntary separation is really involuntary separation. A separation may be interpreted as an involuntary separation when eligible   employees perceive that they are being forced to resign or retire. To be more clear, I’ll show you a detail situation. It is retirement. Company forces old employees to quit their job by treating senior differently with others or reducing their performance. For example, seniors are paid lower...


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