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Are Men Naturally Violent

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Females change your selves, then males
In Robert Sibleys essay, "Let Boys be Boys", he discusses how the feminist society tries to suppress the males masculinity because to them it seems violent. He also argues weather or not males are inherently violent. From observing the growth of any male from childhood and manhood, the fact appears to be that the male population is not inherently violent. What really makes them violent are the influences around them. What really determines the potential of males to be violent are influences such as the media, the "Boy Code" and the opposite sex.
Media, today is one of the most influential parts of our society. Every generation has grown up some what effected and shaped by the media of there time. One commonality from all the generations is the media portrays men to be violent, angry and over confident. Whether it be in music, movies or television, media gives the idea that men are meant to be destructive. They show in most movies that the guy who always gets the girl is the one who’s full of hate and eliminates his foe. Sibley also mentions in his essay the movie Fight Club, "In which young men relieve there boredom in basement fights. Unsurprisingly the main character was attractive, cool and greatly respected. Many young men could come to the conclusion that maybe its cause he is so violent. Maybe in order to be cool, attractive and respected you must be violent. Of course this is not true but to any young man it can be easily interpreted this way. Sibley also states in his essay "Some blame the a boy culture". In ways yes we can blame the new culture of today. The video games today are so violently real an boys who play these games start at such a young age because some parents do not realize that age ratings are there for a reason. I have seen boys as young as eight playing games intended for eighteen year olds and at the same time these are the same parents which complain there son is too violent. When looking at the...


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