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The collage that I designed for this class really helped me get to know myself better. I learned more about myself and found out that regardless as to how much i think that society does not really effect me and most things I do are to please myself; this is not true. Most of the desires or ‘needs’ as I like to call them are wanted by me because of pressures from society. The newest technology, clothes, my group of friends. Is all depicted by society, the way I talk and even my personality is all because of the effects society has on my life. And this collage was a huge slap in the face for me and brought me to reality as to who is really controlling my life.  
In the anthropology section of my collage I tried to focus on the big picture, things that all humans could relate to. One of the first things I added immediately to my collage was the ape walking into a man photo. I believe that this plays a huge role in anthropology because one of the main concepts in anthropology was creationism v. evolution.   This was hugely related to me because as a person I am on the ‘creationist’ side but in class I was put on ‘evolution’ team for the debate. This gave me a great opportunity to see both sides of the story and really see where everyone’s beliefs really came from. Another picture I included into my collage was the picture of the 3 major social networking sites around the world ‘Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr ’ and the reason why I placed these in my anthropology section and not my sociology section is because anthropology focuses on the big picture and how culture effects you. One of the ways that I realized was that you can clearly see how culture effects people through a computer screen. If you log into any social networking site, particularly   ‘tumblr’ you can see how people in North America and Europe are so different by viewing some blogs from different parts of the world can really open your eyes as to how similar yet different we are; even though for the most...


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