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Education Is Key

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Pathway to Freedom
      Ignorance still enslaves people in our society because it deprives them of things such as jobs, professionalism and may even be harmful to their social lives. When I say “enslaves,” I am not speaking in terms of which Frederick Douglass experienced as a youth, but enslaved in terms of limitation of powers which Douglass also experienced as a youth. Without an education, one limits themself of skills that are essential to survive in the work field, socially and the world itself in some cases. Even though ignorance is becoming less popular than it was in the 1800s it is still problematic amongst many Americans. There is no excuse for being ignorant or illiterate in our society today. With all of the resources available to us Americans, we are all able to self-educate in a way such as Frederick Douglass did in the 1800s with very little resources.
      Not having an education reduces the chances of one getting a respectable job tremendously. Not having an education, or being ignorant, enslaves you economically because you will have a hard time finding a job that doesn’t require some type of education. If an ignorant person does find a job, they may find it hard to keep it because almost every job requires some type of communication with either clients or customers and their social skills might not be as good as they need to be. Nowadays, most jobs that pay over minimum wage require a college degree or at least a high school diploma. Over time, as being educated becomes more and more popular and valuable, jobs such as McDonalds and Dairy Queen may require at least a high school diploma also. Being educated will dramatically decrease your chances of not becoming economically enslaved. This is one instance where learning to read would be a blessing instead of a curse and there would be a ladder to dig yourself out of your financial “pit.”
          An uneducated person may also be enslaved socially due to their lack of knowledge. In order...


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