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Connecting Gilbert Immune to Reality with Martha Stout When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday

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101: Expos, Sec 17
      Paper 5 Rough Draft
                                                                                                      April 10th 2012.

      The human brain is extremely complex and fragile that, a little trigger can impact its functioning. Certain situations such as stress, and trauma impacts the brain to act in an uncharacteristic manner. Martha Stout explains how the little triggers impact on the brain and thus causes it to dissociate from reality in one of her works entitled “When I woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday”. She further explains how this compensate the brain to cope with the traumatic experiences. She elaborates on Dementia (insanity), as the decline of ones cognitive functions in the brain as a result of traumatic experiences. Moreso, Daniel Gilbert in his essay “ Immune To Reality” explains   how the psychological immune system shield one from bad experiences by explaining the negative experiences in a positive view. Stout and Gilbert both connect to the idea of dissociation as a result of escaping traumatic esperiences.Nicholas Carr   present a vivid description of   how the Internet has affected our brain, by remapping the neural circuitry and reprogramming our memory. Throughout the first part of the article, Nicholas Carr argues whether the search engines on Google may affect our reading and writing habits. If people are detached from reality because of traumatic life experiences, then the psychological immune system quickly makes positive view of their experience and so their unbearable situation of discomfort is lessened.
      People escape overwhelming thoughts and memories as well as excess internal distress by dissociating themselves from reality. Such defence helps patients overcome their inappropriate responses to stress and unbearable thoughts and memories in ways that involve meditation. One of Stout’s patients, Lila, recognizes her dissociation, referred to as her ‘flyaway self’: “I...


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