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Greek God

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Don’t use your power just for you because your power can affect others life in both good and bad ways. The god of music and healing was loved by many, but others despised him as well. He changed other gods and peoples live in different ways. Others would either worship him because he had so much power or they wanted to fight him. The superior god Apollo affected others live with his power of music and healing by making himself be loved or hated.
Apollo was fought and worshiped by others because of his music and teachings. Apollo was worshiped throughout Greek and was known as the great god. Without the worship of Apollo, the Greeks would be nothing. The Greeks would not be who they are today without Apollo because he influenced them so much with his teachings (Leadbetter). Since Apollo was well- known throughout Greek, other gods got mad and tried to fight him. They also wanted to fight him because of his music abilities. One god that tried to compete with Apollo in a music competition was Marsyas. Marsyas was defeated and killed by Apollo after the competition (Apollon). Apollo would destroy anyone in his way so he was honored by the Greeks. The Greeks held Pythian Games at Delphi in his honor (Leadbetter). Apollo’s nickname at the Pythian Games was Pythian Apollo. Since he was so popular, they would do this just for him. Apollo was well known throughout the world since he was able to affect them with music and teachings.
Apollo had many music abilities and created musical instruments. Apollo is the one that created the lyre and the flute. Some of his famous attributes for music were his lyre and laurel (Apollon).   Apollo played music beautifully and built the walls of Troy by playing the lyre (Apollon). Not only did he create instruments, he had other music powers. Apollo was the god of musical arts (Apollo). Apollo had such great achievements with his powers of music. Some of his great achievements were when he beat other gods with his music and...


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