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Importance of Adult Education - Essay

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adult education is very important .adults must know the basic things of life.adult education is needed because it is an essential part of primary education.some people in their early age did not get chance to education because of some reasons but if they are old they can get education and discover their live in a new way.people who are not making effort for the success cant succeed in their lives .we can get education in any age .education helps us in many ways.such knowledge is necessary for every person living in a democratic country.education is a important part of our life.education means knowledge and it is very important for us.in old times people do not send their girls to schools for education but now people want that there childern should be educated.if we are not educated we have to depend on others but if we are educated we do not have to depend on others.educated person can differentiate between good or bad.education increase our knowledge

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    • very imformative essay !!!!!! my 9th grade term 1 is saved due to these essays !!!