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Mount Pleasant

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Mount Pleasant
As kid, your imagination is great. Even small things can become great, just by their imagination. Most of the kids have tried to hear or see "ghosts" in their new house. Especially if the house they live in is old and big. But sometimes, it may not just bed their imaginaion.
Mount Pleasant is a short story written by Mary-Louise Buxton. The story is about a family living in a house called Mount Pleasant. The family contains of two girls, one boy, mom, dad and a dog. The two girls are maybe around seven to ten year, and the little boy is a baby. From the text, we can see that the family lives in a small town. There is Prospect Church , a nunnery, a row of little shops.   Mom is the strict one in the house, and dad is the fun guy. One day the protagonist finds a picture of a little boy, her mom gets mad: "If I see that bloody picture on the table again at tea time," Mammy said, "I'll fire it straight into the bin".(P. 3, L. 52-53), and her dad says that maybe the guy lived here before them: "Maybe he lived here before we did" (P. 4, L 81) , but the boy in the picture resembles the narrators dad: "He's got a wide toothy grin- like Daddy (...)", which make its more suspicious. And except these things, the two girls also hear voices at night: "We lie awake and hear footsteps walking across the length of the floor above us. It starts, dragging-feet slow, at the far end of the room then builds up fast into a run just up to where the door is-stops- then turns around and drag slowly, slowly back (...)".

The story is written in 1st person singular and told by the protagonist herself, it is written like a diary. We as the readers read about the girls life, we gets all the small details, like what will make her mom mad at her, or what she does with her friends etc. We get to hear the protagonist's thoughts and...


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