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Niagra Falls < a Diffrent Story

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Niagra falls                         Niagara fall: A different story
                                                                                      Siju Mathew
  Niagara water fall is renowned worldwide as the number no. 1 water falls. It was really exhilarating to hear that, when Mr. James K, my caretaker in Canada announced that he is going to take me to Niagara to see that wonderful place. All of a sudden, all the descriptions and the travelogues which I had heard about Niagara flashed in my mind .I was literally exited and thrilled .I felt that, a dream, ever since from my childhood is going to be reality. Twice I made sure that my camera was totally charged and the lens is completely out of dust. I had another reason for doing that. If could get some nice snaps at Niagara, I can showoff that to my friends via Facebook.
            However, the scene at Niagara was heart breaking .I was shocked to realize that there is nothing fancy in Niagara as people describe. Of course, there was a big waterfall. Except that, all the garden, park and surroundings were man made and those are not a rare thing today .I realized that the waterfall was much smaller than I imagined and my imagination was totally based on the exaggerated stories of people. I found that it can never match to some of the landscapes and natural wonders found in Africa. I am sure that you would agree me, if you ever happened to watch the Discovery channel or National Geographic channel.
          From that a day, I learned the lesson that never believe anything blindly, until and unless you can verify it. People tend to exaggerate and give biased views due to many reasons and Niagara stand as a perfect example for that.


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