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Code of Chivalry

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Code of Chivalry

During the medieval times there was a table called the Round Table. In the Round Table were a bunch of knights and a king named King Arthur. Among this knights and their king was a thing called the Code of Chivalry. The code of chivalry is all the things a knight needs to be in order to be at the Round Table. There are many knights at the round table and when one dies or betrays the Round Table his name starts to fade on his seat, and then a new one replaces it. There are many parts in the code of chivalry of the Round Table but three of them stand out: leadership, bravery, and kindness.
Leadership is one of the most important codes, because in order to be a knight at the Round Table people need to be a leader. An example of leadership is by King Arthur when he said, “I will fight Sir Pellinore” (Claybourne 15). This shows leadership because the king is going to take care of the problem and he should because he is the king. Arthur also shows leadership when he excepts the magic sword Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake saying “I will do anything you want me to for the sword and I promise you that I will” (Claybourne 20) You don’t have to be a king to show leadership as shown in Sir Lancelot. What Lancelot does to show leadership is when he said that he would save the king when no one would save Queen Guinevere from Sir Mordred. Lancelot was very brave by doing this.

Bravery is another code of chivalry, in order to be in the Round Table the knights need to be brave and not afraid of doing anything. As shown in Lancelot when saving Queen Guinevere. The way he shows it is by being the only person that was not afraid of killing Sir Mordred to save her. King Arthur shows bravery but going to fight Sir Pellinore so that people can pass through that spot safely. Another person that shows bravery is Sir Perzival. He shows this by going out of his way to become a knight after running into the knights of the Round Table. He also shows it when he...


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