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Beauty of Body

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Beauty Of Body

             The definition of beauty as found in "Websters New World Dictionary" is, "Beauty- 1. the quality of being pleasing, as in form, color, etc. 2.a thing with this quality. 3. good looks. 4. a very attractive person, feautre, etc." The concepts of beauty were first described by the anicient greeks. The classical values pushed order and serenity. Greek philosphers Plato and Socrates were attempting to define beauty. They thought of objects or nature as being inherently beautiful: beauty is inside the object, "The beauty within an object is it's pure and ideal beauty". In our present time beauty no longer resides inside. It in completely outlying. The road to become beauty is a long, hard and most importantly thin road. Being thin is the biggest emphasis on people today. In earlier times thin was not that in. Fuller figured women were the ideal picture of gorgeous. Now you have to be a twig to be comsidered beautiful. Society keeps pushing the emphasis on being thin. Through magazines, ads to lose weight, hundreds of diets and phone numbers to aide in this fight against fat. They are being nothing but deleterious. Also in the magazines the skinny models who are the picture of perfect in their glamorous clothes and makeup. The tall thin legs and high cheek bones. Television is also a major contributer to this obsession people have today with losing weight. Turn on the television and what is seen? Youthful boney models and actors running around in barely anything to sell a can of soup. A Jenny Craig commercial to remind poeple of what a minority they are and how they must strive and pay her money so they can be perfect just like everyone else. Even driving, wheter it be to work or a trip to the mall. Giant bilboards are a constant reminder of whats beautiful and whats not. It's a sick obsession and is taken way too seriously. To the point of death even. People feeling corpulent and are dying to be thin, literally. It all beings with youth....


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