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Where Are You

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Where Are You
Even during the midnight,you can still hear steps and whispers from the hallway.Some people come back to their dorm late,again.In the peace of night,you can easily distinguish the jingles coming from the bells they have on their bags and the sound of their keys.I know there is a mirror at the end wall of the hallway and maybe these girls can take a look at it and grasp the perfectly different faces from those they have during the daytime.
Out of the door,it is a little bit noisy .But when it is shut,you can be totally immersed in the peace with a cup of coffee.There are four giant desks lying on the floor with odds and ends on it ,which are telling different habits and stories of the owners'.The electric fan is stretching its head down toward the floor like a dead trunk with dust on it.Here come the noise from teeth mulling the peanuts which was caused by a piggish girl.I am sitting in front of the computer,chatting online with my friends from a distant place called home.Another girl rises up from her chair and goes directly to the balcony.Maybe it is the noise of the mulling and my typing that get her distracted.It is really chilly out there but she is in her night skirt.Out of no reason,I just stare at her through the window,which shows my face ,too.She holds her arms so that she won't get cold.There is another dorm building cross the yard whose back can be seen from our balcony.Some lights are on and some are not.Every window represents one room and every room holds 4 persons and every person has tons of stories.What a weird idea but it is true.Maybe she is dwelling on it,too.At this time, I duck my head and look at the screen but that thought just can't go away.I take my coffee and have a sipwith the thought that I am in my dorm and where are you?


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