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Facebook: a social networking site designed solely to connect people with friends and allow them to see whats going on in the world without even having to leave the comfort of home. In the last year, there has been a 61 million person increase of Facebook members from the United States alone. As its popularity escalates, the fatal flaws of Facebook begin to show themselves, but is it really as bad as our parents make it out to be?

It certainly is not perfect. Although Facebook is promoted as a social networking site, to be used in addition to visiting with one's friends, it seems to actually be creating more and more antisocial children and teenagers. Through Facebook, people can “stalk” their friend's profiles without actually having to interact with them, thus entering into a vicious cycle. While it would seem that reducing the amount of time people spend with their friends would be beneficial and allow the person to use that time and energy to do something productive, the majority of these people spend this extra time back on Facebook. Sooner rather than later, they are "addicted" and spend every free moment browsing the day's top news.

Before they know it, they are spending time on Facebook while they should be working. Slowly, their grades drop, or their work just isn’t getting done anymore. Statistics show that the average user spends 55 minutes a day on Facebook. That’s almost an hour spent doing virtually nothing. On the other hand, some argue that Facebook allows them to take a breather and relieve stress. A group of scientists have even found that taking a break and spending a few minutes online can help increase productivity, because it allows a person to clear their mind and go back to their task with a fresh perspective. It seems like Facebook is not harmful, and perhaps even advantageous, in moderation. However, according to an Ohio State University study, Facebook users had GPAs a full grade lower than non-users. Facebook users also studied on...


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