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Balochistan Issue

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Three US law makers introduced a resolution aiming for the self determination of Balochistan. This news sent shivers down the spine of those residing in the Islamabad. Ironically, this move of those three lawmakers sparkedan existing realization of how neglected Balochistan was; Balochistan: which turned out to be the loyal child of indifferent parents. Alarms rang in Islamabad and were soon followed by a parliamentary session whose main agenda was to discuss the contemporary issues pertaining Balochistan.While I don’t really appreciate this initiative of American legislators, I have to admit that it highlighted the need to address the Baloch miseries; which have been largely unaccounted and have led to 5 insurgencies
Some of the analyst may term this whole episode as a personal move, which has nothing to do with the American state, government or policies. Having said that we still cannot reject the amount of interest America seems to have in Baluchistan. Global politics has evolved over the course of time and it has largely revolved around the resources, coal,gas, oil and gold; they have been the major source of contention in the international arena. Fortunately or unfortunately Balochistan offers all these and therefore, it serves the purpose of a giant super power which has already attained a status of omnipotent state.
This argument of “resources” may seem over simplistic and not be very convincing/appealing to most of the people, because there are 1001 other ways through which America can generate and attain its resources, but then the question arises why Balochistan?
Global politics is in a transition phase, where balance of power has lopsidedly shifted towards the east from the west, China being the major shareholder amongst them.China’s growing influence in the global matters have definitely worried the USA, and their think tanks must have chalked out a strategy to undermine the growing china’s hegemony on the world affairs and for that matter concerning...


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