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Two Kind Transformation of Ball Mil

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First, the transformation method

Can hollow shaft of the original mill removed, reprocessed supporting rolling bearing and the bearing, or the original mill hollow shaft is not removed with precision adjustment jacket, the assembly of rolling bearings and bearing housings can be. The original matching motor can be the same, supporting the power factor adjustment device. In addition, the mill the basis of size, the height of the mill center, the transmission mode, available on the premise of constant transformation.

(1) change the sliding bearing for roll change bearings. Switch to rolling bearing not only the carrying capacity and service life at the same time, 3 to 5 times than the life of sliding bearings, rolling bearing service life of up to 8 to 13 years. Some cement plants have the mill to increase the filling volume of the grinding media production also increased, but the motor power is obviously insufficient, and often the phenomenon of burning electrical, electronics, circuit, this is the reserve capacity safety factor because the motor is only for equipment start-up and special circumstances, short-term applications, and now they are working properly occupied, which will lead to accidents frequently appear. This case the user in a timely manner to change the ball mill main bearings to bearings, the problems will be solved.

2 using the new advanced the quality Gan Yourun slip. May lose lubrication oil station facilities, fuel economy 80 percent to 90 percent.

Second, the transformation effect

Transformation after the mill motor current is decreased by 10% to 20%, due to the reduction of the motor output power of life on the use of all distribution facilities, reducer, gear size will extend, but also reduces the sliding bearing temperature rise is too highThe shutdown caused due to main bearing bush-burning stop production, affecting yield.In addition, due to the original mill motor power limit, the filling volume of the cylinder body of the...


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