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I Want My Country to Be Powerful - Essay

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“I Want My Country To Be Powerful”

Nowadays we get to see politicians fighting and teasing each other parties to fetch votes.
They get so much of time to waste in pulling each other legs. It’s surprising, being a politician means millions of responsibilities and duties and expectations.
But still they manage time for this childish activity and gossiping is there most adorable activity. I love my country and I want to see my country on the top. I really want that like we have so much excitement to go abroad, we should have the same excitement in living in our own country but its a very tough task.
Its kind of impossible thing because i really do not believe on any politician and there party. They only work at the time of elections and even if they work , it is invisible because they run on the policy of eat more(money) and work less.
I really get upset when i see this thinking of people. When someone is appointed as a minister. He/she must have a urge to make there country the most powerful and independent country in the whole world.
Its a great task and a golden chance to prove the world about our presence but after getting the post , they do opposite of that. I don't know why?
Is money so crucial for them that they never try to bring a change in the society. oh i forgot they always get busy in making a change in there lifestyle by adding more and more plots , homes , luxury items etc..
I am not talking about every politician , there are also some politicians who are selfless and they contribute and work for the country but there majority is very less.
I am also a selfish person and i also like money but i am not so selfish that i will ignore everything and only get myself engaged in making money. Money is just a medium to fulfill needs but we all have given it so high priority that we see nothing except money.
I just wish that one day we will be able to get...

To first develop myself as a good citizen abiding by the laws, duties and rights...


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