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The Nazis Treatment of the Jews

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The nazis treatment of the Jews changed between 1939-1945 for many reasons. Primarily because the WW2 had just broken out. The war opened many ways for Hitler to treat the Jews badly.

When WW2 started in September 1939, Hitler realised that the other great superpowers had turned their attention to the war and were not looking over his back at how he was treating the Jews. This meant that Hitler no longer had to behave sensitively to suit international opinion.

This was no the only thing that the war allowed Hitler to do, it also meant that he now need more men to fight his war and more supplies to feed all his soldiers on the fronts which meant that he could no longer afford to feed all the Jews in the prison camps, so he had to dispose of them quickly.

Even if people became suspicious about why he was treating Jews harshly he argued his harsh treatment on the grounds that they were an internal enemy and a security threat.

By the end of 1941 when the war started to turn against him, Hitler realises that if he is to complete his pure Aryan race he needs to exterminate all the Jews before the end of the war as he may lose it. So Hitler figures that he has a limited amount of time before he either wins the war or loses it.

Heydrich and others of Hitler’s inferior members start to influence how Hitler deals with the Jews I the end Heydrich establishes the Wannsee conference in January where they came up with the final solution.

As Hitler begins to conquer more land around Germany he captures many of the Jews that escaped from Germany before Kirstallnacht, this increases his problem by giving him more Jews to deal with. At this time there are literally no Jews being exterminated the only ones who are dying are the ones that are worked to death.

By 1939 Hitler had been in power for six years and so German society was entirely loyal to him, so therefore with the German people on his side he treat the Jews how he wanted.

The German...


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