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We always want our children to academically achieve high in school. But there are some people who argue that students should be recognized for their vocational skills and school should encourage these subjects too.
Write a persuasive essay on your view on this issue.
Journey outside the classroom  
School is known as second parent of children. What this parent teaches to the child determines his/her future. This is the reason why people argue what and what should not be taught in schools. “Schools must persuade students only to achieve higher levels academically or it should also encourage students to be recognized in vocational skills and others”. This is one of the common argument in all communities. Here are some ideas regarding this.
    In our community, most of the schools only influence on students to achieve higher grades academically rather than other aspects. And parents, teachers and some students find it’s a positive thinking. Well, I do not! In my opinion students must not only demand on reaching a higher level academically and they should also be aware for occupational skills and others as well. If a student finds that studying or by-hearting academic subjects is the education even if it opens the way to achieve higher grades or levels, when he/she comes to the practical life (Occupational life) he/she will find it very difficult to survive and become a successful person as there will be no text books to learn and there will be no test papers to write. If that student was well recognized for vocational skills he/she would find it very easy in occupational life. For this reason schools must welcome teaching vocational skill subjects.
    People who are against the idea tell that adding one or two more subjects to the syllabus would be putting too much pressuring on students and this might bring down students’ academic performance and might affect the pass percentage also. Normally all the students study eight subjects and there are...


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