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A Person I Admire Most

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    The Person I AdmireMost

  I have passed thirteen years time and I have met many people.Some are warm-hearted and some are cold-hearted. Some are well-behaved and some are badly-behaved. They have different characters. Among them , there is a friend who I admired most. She is Melody. She is my school mate and she is the same age as myself. 
      Like her name, she has a very sweet voice. She is not beautiful but she is a honest girl. Most of the people will think that she has many bad characters. But she is not like what people think. She is a very kind and helpful person. One of the characters I like best is her patience. She explains the problems which some friends do not know patiently. If they ask a lot of questions, she answer them until they understand. As she is a very bright,intelligent and clever student,she always gets first. She is very good at English and Mathematics. She can solve the Mathematics problems easily. Her ambition is to be a doctor one day. Her mother is a very sicky person. So she want to take care of her mother. She is  very selfless. She has three younger brothers. She is very kind to them. Her father is a government servant. So she is not from a rich family. She behaves quietly and simply. She said that she will take care of her family until her brothers can stand on their feet and they could take care of mother. Then,she will go to the school which has many poor children and teach them to be good. She wants to train them to well-behaved.
Once, she fell ill near the exam. She had to stay in bed for a week and she could not study. However, she tried to came to school and answer the exam. When the result came out, she had low marks in science subjects. But she did not feel sad and she tried to encourage herself. The next exam , she got first again. She never feel jealous of others. Most of the people are jealous but not her. 
     To sum up, she is a girl of honesty, kind and patience. I can never find a friend like her. She is...


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