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Cue for Treason Conflicts

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Person vs. person:
The battle between Sir. Phillip Morton and Peter was an ongoing fight. Sir. Phillip is after Peter for throwing a rock at him so Peter runs away. Then Peter discovers Sir. Phillip is involved in organizing a plot against the Queen, so they both race to London. Peter is trying to get their first and tell the authorities and save the Queen where as Sir. Phillip is trying to catch Peter and arrest him before he ruins his plan in London. If Peter hadn’t thrown a rock, Sir. Phillip wouldn’t have been after him and if Sir. Phillip didn't get mad, Peter wouldn't have run away and the Queen would have been killed.

Person vs. nature:
The fight Peter endures when he runs away, while he's travelling and when he's escaping the men are all fights against nature. Peter struggles with nature during the entire book. An example is when Peter is escaping the island and has to swim across the body of water. There is a storm coming, which complicates his journey, and the fight he has against the currants in the water could easily have drowned him.

Person vs. society:
The plot against the Queen is person vs. society because some of the communities in England don't like the Queen because of the way she is running the country. They would like to stick with the old ways but the Queen is up for change and that's how the plot against the Queen initially starts.

Person vs. self:
Peter has challenges with himself through the book. At the beginning he is dying for an adventure but when he leaves his home, he is really homesick. He goes the whole book knowing people are after him and feeling like the future of England is depending on him. An example is when Peter convinces himself to keep swimming when he feels like giving up. He tells himself he is the only one that can save the Queen's life.


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