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Law of Time and the Global Economic Crisis 2012 - a View from 2012

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"And if you have money and wealth, and you hear these words, and explained to you curse the time 12:60 and 13:20 time blessing, but do not doubt you, and to dispense charity. Helps children orphaned by war, anxious to restore the Earth, and let it flourish once again an act of art and culture. Good to these things diligently, for soon become witnesses to the end of the money. There will be spilled over heady wine of Babylon fornication, and then what will you do with your paper-based credit and useless machines ".
Telektonon Pacal Votan, Chapter XVII, "Prophets of Peace awaken", verse 108.
In all the endless talk of "global financial crisis 2012", it seems, no one remembers the "second law of thermodynamics". He describes the entropy - the inevitable tendency of energy to the dispersion, the law affects all manifestations of a three-dimensional material and physical plane of reality. Turns out that this law defines the world of materialism, as well as artificial means, which controls this world and dominate it - money.

The impression is that nobody wants to think about the old adage, "that rises must fall". Manipulator's reality that rules the world using ruthless "money hand", believe that the only direction the money - it is growth. When this line rushes down, they start to exhibit strange behaviour. In fact, money alone does not represent the values in the space of reality, so why so upset? And they're all treading water and are afraid to utter the word "recession". The myth of progress has burst like a soap bubble.

Poor, poor banks! Governments are scurrying around, uncertainly sending huge amounts of money in the hope of saving these impoverished banks and their elite class from the wreck. Seems no one remembers another saying: "rob Peter to pay Paul". The taxpayer - that Peter and Paul - a banker. All these attempts to bring back memories of another instruction: "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty fell off in my sleep. Neither the king's...


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