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* Identify and explain which of Holland’s six personality types relates to you the most?
The personality types that I relate to the most out of Holland’s six types, would be the “social” and the “Investigative” types. I really love to interact with people and help them with problems that have been caused by problems in their life (social). I also like to try and solve the reasons as to what caused a person to act out or do any type of behavior that is not the norm of what society expects of them (investigative).
  * Does your current career or future career goals match a career that fits your personality type?
At the present I am not working but my last jobs did match my personality types, I worked in nursing homes and group homes. My future career goals will be matching up to my personality types.   I plan on social work or helping with at risk teenagers. Enjoys solving social problems and interacting with others in a cooperative manner(Witt & Mossler, 2010, 2.9). I know there will be negative as well as positive in any career but I really do enjoy helping others and have always wanted to know what causes people to do the things they do.
  * How might career satisfaction impact self-image?
Career satisfaction is very important to self-image.   Having a job which you really enjoy will always make you feel good about your work. It also impacts all the people you work with. This being a very positive effect on self image; were as having a job that you just go to because you need the money tends to make a negative impact on you and the coworkers around you also.
Witt, G.A., & Mossler, R.A. (2010). Adult Development. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/books/4


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