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Frankenstein Study Questions

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1. Discuss the role of sickness in the novel. Victor often seems to fall ill after traumatic events. Is this a means of escape, and, if so, is it effective? Is there another explanation for his recurring illness?

In my opinion, I think it is Victor's way of escape. Ever since the creation of the monster, he's been getting sick almost regularly. Maybe it's because he doesn't want to live anymore because he feels guilty for bringing such an evil being into the world. I don't think it was very effective because if he made himself sick to escape from his problems then, he didn't really succeed because, well, he had to face the monster.

2. Trace the similarities between Victor and the monster. Consider their respective relationships with nature, desires for family, and any other important parallels you find. Do Victor and the monster become more similar as the novel goes on? How does their relationship with each other develop?

As Victor self-alienates himself because of his fear of the creature/monster he creates coupled with his guilt for having abandoned him, he becomes just as much a social outcast as the monster, who is shunned by all due to his hideous appearance.   In addition, the creature feels he is justified for his wrong-goings in the same way that Victor feels justified in denying blame for the actions of the creature.   Being the creature's father, Victor has a duty to accept and protect him; by neglecting this responsibility, he indirectly causes the murders and may be looked at as a murderer himself.   The creature, regardless of how "wronged" he has been does not have the right to murder.   They almost become one and the same, at least psychologically.

3. Victor attributes his tragic fate to his relentless search for knowledge. Do you think that this is the true cause of his suffering? In what ways does the novel present knowledge as dangerous and destructive?

In part, Victor's relentless quest for knowledge is the cause of his tragic fate....


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