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Animal Farm by George Orwell

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In the novel Animal Farm the animals worked together to get they’re cruel owner out of power. Mr. Jones, the animal’s owner, was treating the animals cruelly. So, the animals decided that they needed to put Mr. Jones out of power so they could live in they’re own utopian world. They took over the farm and they all vowed they would perfect comrades and they wouldn’t adapt to any human customs including drinking, using money, and relying on any type of trade to survive. Then they signify the new revolution of they farm, the animals write they’re modo on the side of they old farmhouse. It stated, “4 legs good, 2 legs bad”. The animal’s so called utopian society looked as though it was going great. Although, slowly, the animals started to adapt more and more like the humans and before any one knew it, the bosses of animal farm, Napoleon and Snowball, began to take advantage of they’re power and almost became one of the humans. Once the two pigs realized they’re power, they both began to try to get one step in front of the other. Before anyone knew it, the pigs were turned on each other over a huge battle of power. So enough, Napoleon ended up winning and kicked Snowball off the farm. This incident was very similar to what happened back in 1980 during the Iran-Iraq War.

The novel Animal Farm relates very closely to the Iran-Iraq War. During the Iran-Iraq War, the Iraqi government and the Iranian government very fighting over land. The war was lasting a long time and was quite large. Both sides had equal power and were basically at a stalemate. Until, the Iranian army started to attack the Iraqi oil shipments. Then the United States decided to intervene to protect they’re supply of oil. So, just like the animals in the novel, the United States and the Iraqi government teamed up for a common cause. The U.S. supplied the Iraqi government with weapons to fight the war and win it. Then after the Iraqi government won the war, they too turned on the U.S. That incident was...


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