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South Africa (My Perspective).

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Our Land, South Africa (My Perspective)!

You are proudly South African when:
The employees dance in front of the building to show how unhappy they are. You get cold easily. Anything below 16 degrees Celsius is Arctic weather. You know what Rooibos Tea is, even if you’ve never drank it. You can sing your national anthem in four languages, and you have no idea what it means in any of them. You produce a R100 note instead of your driver license when stopped by a traffic officer. You have to hire a security guard whenever you park your car, and you’re genuinely surprised to find your car parked where you left it.

South Africa – The capitol and representatives of Africa. We have eleven official languages. We have many cultures that live in our fruitful land. We also have the most wonderful weather in the world. South Africa also has such an intense, violent and depressive history. To get to where we are today, we had to persevere through all that trouble. I was once told that our ground is so red because of all the blood that was spilled over this land. So how can we really hate it?

As I have always said, South Africa would be like heaven if we had a better government. Our government is unfortunately not one of the best governments in the world. The politicians prefer stashing our tax money into their own pockets instead of improving our land. South Africa is still very fragile when it comes to race due to the apartheid regime that scared our country and that still haunts us today. We are one of the richest countries in the world due to our minerals, yet our infrastructure is horrible. We have many potholes that haven’t been filled, our water is filthy, people still don’t have electricity in their homes, and the list can go on and on. We also have the highest crime rate in the world due to the high unemployed rates. We also have one of the lowest production rates in the world.

What I love about this country is the fact that there is so much hope. There are...


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