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Why Women Are Better Liars Than Men

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Women are better liars than men. This is because, in general, women can immerse themselves in fantasies way better than men can.

If women want to start to feel turned on, what do they do?… That’s right… READ A BOOK!!! :O .. Some words.. In a little paperback novel with one picture of Fabio on the cover holding some chick that they project to be them. Suddenly!!!… A Puerto Rican gal sitting on her fire escape in Harlem, NYC is ACTUALLY a southern belle, dressed like the woman on the cover, riding in a Horse & Buggy with her Fabioesque lover whom she imagines is only having sex with her until 100 pages later where she reads that TMZ reported that her man has been ******* every maid and nanny that they’ve ever hired since their relationship began.

Meanwhile.. Does that work for guys?… HEEEEEEEEEELLZ NAW!!! :D It’s the exact opposite. We need VISUAL STIMULATION and AS FEW WORDS FROM THE CHICK AS POSSIBLE!!! :D And it had better be the RIGHT stimulation, too! :D Too skinny? Won’t work. Too fat? Won’t work. Not sexy enough? Won’t work. Not “slutty” enough? Won’t work. Too into it? Won’t work. Not into it enough? Won’t work. Not dressed properly? Won’t work. Not doing the right actions? Won’t work. Doing the right action in the wrong way? Won’t work…..

Guys have to have EXACTLY what turns them on in order to feel turned on. Meanwhile gals only need the mental suggestion of a situation and they fill in all the blanks themselves. THIS is what makes women better liars than men.. blank-filling.

Guys can only grasp the part of the lie that they can comprehend, so their lies are like the icing on a cupcake instead of the entire cupcake. Guys say stuff like “I was playing poker with the fellaz” and think that’s a complete lie. They think that’s it, because when they visualize the lie, they see themselves with cards in their hands, money, chips, a drink on the table, some cigar smoke in the air…….. and that’s about it. They don’t know what the table looks like. They...


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